• How can Anchor Transportation Help Customers Traveling with Disabilities?

    Anchor Transportation encourages passengers with disabilities to travel with us. We are here to meet your needs with the respect and dignity which you deserve. Our drivers and staff are trained and prepared to meet the unique needs that can come with customers who have disabilities to ensure they have a safe and pleasant traveling experience. We pride ourselves on providing ADA accessible bus rentals. Anchor staff has many amenities for people of all abilities, including:

    • Plush, reclining seats
    • Restrooms
    • Overhead carry-on luggage storage area
    • Large cargo bay under the bus
    • PA System
    • DVD/CD Player with 6 monitors (1 large monitor in mini-buses)
    • Upon request: Wi-Fi, Satellite & electrical plug-ins.

    We can help if you are traveling alone or with a personal care attendant or service animal. We also have experience handling various mobility devices, so you can rest easy knowing that Anchor Transportation can handle all your needs. 

  • Tips for a Restful Trip

    Assistance is available to customers with disabilities when they travel on Anchor Transportation buses. Please follow the below steps if you have special needs while traveling:

    1. Contact Anchor Transportation at 1-800-476-2841 at least 48 hours prior to your departure.
    2. Share your specific travel needs with our Anchor sales staff.
  • Boarding Assistance

    If possible, please provide 48-hours advance notice if you need special assistance while traveling. Providing this notice will help us better assist you. If for some reason you are not able to provide a 48-hour notice, we will still make every effort possible to accommodate your needs if the accommodations do not delay the departure schedule of the group.

    Specifications for Lift-equipped bus

    We are ready and willing to help you with whatever you need, however, we do have some technical restrictions. When using a wheelchair lift-equipped bus, the combined weight of the customer and mobility aid cannot exceed 600 pounds. The mobility aid can also be no more than 30 inches wide and 48 inches in height.

  • Traveling Alone or With a Personal Care Attendant (PCA)

    If you are able to attend to your own personal needs, traveling alone is perfectly fine. However, if you are unable to fully care for yourself (see list below), we encourage you to travel with a personal care attendant (PCA). If you will need to travel with a PCA, please let us know while making your reservation so we can better assist you. Personal Care Needs may include:

    • Help with toileting
    • Eating
    • Dressing
    • Taking or reminding to take medication
    • Walking or caring for service animals
    • Lifting passengers between wheelchairs and seats

    Reminder: Always keep your medicine with you. Do not leave it in your under-bus storage.

  • Storing & Handling Your Mobility Aid

    Your mobility aid(s) may travel inside the bus if they can be safely stowed in the overhead compartments. Mobility aids that cannot be safely stowed inside the bus will be placed in the baggage compartment.

    Please allow sufficient time for the stowing of any mobility aid; this will assist in preventing delays in the departure of the bus.

  • Rest Stop Assistance

    When the bus is at a scheduled stop, you may request that our staff assist you with any reasonable request. Your comfort and safety are our number one priority.

  • Traveling with Your Service Animal

    At Anchor Transportation, customers with disabilities that are accompanied by a service animal are welcome. We do ask that the service animal be the owner’s responsibility and under control with a leash, harness or carrier during the duration of your travel with Anchor Transportation. Please ensure service animals ride in the bus within your space. We ask that service animals do not travel in the aisle or occupy a seat.

  • Oxygen/Respirators

    Portable oxygen and respirators may accompany you on Anchor Transportation. We allow four canisters to travel with you while on an Anchor bus. (Two onboard the bus and two in the baggage compartment below the bus.) We ask that dimensions for each container do not exceed 4.5 inches in diameter and 26 inches long. Please ensure you have enough oxygen to compete your travel, including arrangements for refills while en route. Please also include protective cases with safety caps on the valves for oxygen canisters in the baggage compartment.

    You are welcomed to travel with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator, but please ensure you have enough battery power to complete your travel.

    Note: The Maximum limit on medical oxygen canisters carried in cargo is 99 pounds. As we may not exceed this federal regulatory limit, passengers bringing oxygen containers will be accommodated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Why should I call Anchor Transportation 48-hours in advance of my trip?

    With 48-hour advance notification, Anchor Transportation can meet the service needs of all customers with disabilities, including people who use wheelchairs. This advance notice is in accordance with federal guidelines and allows us to make the necessary arrangements to provide requested assistance.

    What is done with the information I provide?

    Our booking staff will use the information you provide to arrange assistance by Anchor staff or contractors for your departure, meal/rest stops, and your final destination to ensure smooth and easy travel.

    What if I do not provide a 48-hour advance notification?

    Anchor Transportation will make every reasonable effort to accommodate you without significantly delaying the bus schedule for your group. 

    What if I need assistance during my trip?

    Please let an Anchor Transportation staff member know your assistance needs at the time of reservation as well as at each location.

    Do I have to provide proof of my disability?

    No, you do not need to provide proof of disability.

  • Clearly, the most professional and well-run bus operation we have experienced… Superb attention to detail contributed to our Nashville reunion being the best of all 14 previous. A very “special thank you” to Karen with Anchor Transportation who coordinated our scheduling. She went “above and beyond” to make this a great reunion.
    J. Miller - USMC Retired
  • We had a group of folks from China, most could not speak English. They complimented your driver for her attentive and considerate driving skills. We did quite a bit of non-Interstate travel, and Shirley was very careful, not tail-gating, which is my personal pet peeve among drivers! She was very good to keep us apprised of her anticipated hours when we were making our daily plans. I cannot speak highly enough to convey our deep appreciation of her personally and professionally!
    Karen G.
  • We were very pleased with Anchor for our college trip. Our driver, Jewell, was professional and very nice. She was on time, had studied and knew our travel plans, and did an excellent job.
    We will use Anchor in the future.
    B. Dorris - Merrol Hyde Magnet School
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