Wi-Fi HotSpot

Wi-Fi Hotspot on Anchor Tours Motorcoaches

As a service and convenience for our customers, Anchor Tours has installed 4G High-Speed Wireless Internet Hotspots across our fleet of over the road motorcoaches.

What is it?

A wireless hotspot installed on each Anchor Tours bus that allows you to connect to the Internet while traveling with us.

What kind of device do I need?

You need a WiFi-enabled electronic device with an Internet browser.

How do I connect?

While each device differs, below are the basic steps to connect to Anchor Tours bus Internet:

  1. View available wireless networks, find the Anchor Tours WiFi hotspot and connect.
  2. Launch your internet browser for immediate access to the Anchor Tours hotspot.
  3. Type in password: together
  4. Surf the web on the go!
What can I do on it?

On each Anchor Tours 4G High Speed Internet you can do just about anything you would at work or at home outside of VoIP and streaming video. We also attempt to filter inappropriate content. Please also note downloading large, high-bandwidth files may vary due to the shared environment of the onboard wireless network.

Is it secure?

Our onboard wireless hotspot connection is similar to WiFi at a coffee shop, library, or hotel. You should exercise the same precautions as you would at any of these public locations.

Trouble Connecting?

We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience. If you have trouble connecting, try disconnecting to the onboard wireless hotspot and re-connecting. If the problem persists, please contact your device manufacturer or company network administrator for additional support.

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